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Evan Portelos
Continued expansions of permanent transportation infrastructure will continue to create a better sense of place along Columbia Pike, aid County goals of a "car free" diet, and enrich the overall economy in Arlington by improving home values and creating additional "destinations" within the County.
Chad Droz Arlington
The analysis conducted by the county many years ago, and recently, all recommended the streetcar project. Some studies and models were even run assuming that the streetcar existed. This was a poor political decision that was not based on analysis and facts. The board members that changed their vote did so for political reasons and votes while at the same time said they support the project. How can you change your vote using the rationale that someone else campaigned on a topic? What about what you campaigned on?
Nicholas Penning Arlington
Yes! I support the streetcar, and urge Arlingtonians to prove the Board Chairman wrong in his assessment of the November election, in which only 21 percent of Arlington registered voters voted to elect the winner. Please, let's not allow a negative, one issue campaign destroy years of thoughtful work.
Kim Collier Arlington
Mark Bayuk
Permanence and Economic Development I own a rental property in Arlington near Court House Station.
William House Williamsburg Neighborhood, Brandymore HOA, Arlington, VA
Safe Clean Efficient Transportation that enhances our Standard of Living.
Ethan Smith Penrose
I think we can all agree that underground (heavy rail/Metro) would be the best, but the costs would be astronomical and today's political climate wouldn't allow it. The streetcar is the next best option. It's already helped attract new businesses and residents to the Pike and will continue to do so.
J Londergan
The focus for this initiative must be on providing an affordable and safe transportation benefit for the Columbia Pike residents of Arlington. Forget about leveraging the trolley as a project to attract business development - business development is here in Arlington and is presently continuing along the Columbia Pike. Houston, Texas has an absolutely outstanding rapid streetcar line with more commodious and aesthetically pleasing trolleys than the stubby 'ugly duck' trolleys which are being proposed for use on the Arlington Columbia Line. Following construction of the Columbia Pike Line, the next Arlington trolley needs to be the Lee highway Trolley Line.
Rolf Dammann Arlington
Lynne Porfiri Arlington Ridge Civic Association
Ridership, Economic Development while preserving affordable housing, travel to Europe where streetcar works so well.
Lee Cooper .
Madelyn Campbell Glencarlyn
David Treworgy Rosslyn
Daniel Flaherty Arlington Heights
My family and I will use it, it will give an economic and developmental boost to the Columbia Pike corridor and the entire County, and it will be unique and attractive.
Cheryl Stotler Alcova Heights
Brian Stotler Alcova Heights
Suzanne Sykes Westmont
Martin Johnston Aurora Highlands
Myris Dierlich Arlington
Dolores Rubalcava Columbia Forest
Gabe Rubalcava Columbia Forest
Alejandrina Tejada Columbia Pike
David Tomlinson Douglas Park
Jim Wood Crystal City
Robert Chatten Belleview Forest
Robert Garcia Dominion Hills
Mitzi Williams Alcova Heights
Steve Stubbs Mantua
Jason Olsson Columbia Forest
Alissa Green Columbia Heights
George Hobart Lyon Park
Steve Donnelly Lyon Park
Marlene Harrison Columbia Heights
Chris Cane Columbia Heights
Kathleen Donohue Boulevard Manor
Everett Fisher Lyon Park
Jocelyn Dale Aurora Hills
Miriam Balutis Ashton Heights
Nancy Rios Arlington
David Summers Ashton Heights
Will Wilson Lyon Park
Elizabeth Warner Columbia Pike
Jessalyn Kiesa Ballston
Ellen McClellan Westover
Alan Howze Highland Park-Overlee Knolls
Joe Gavin Westover
Donna Gavin Westover
Don Names Nottingham
Lisa Grosh Nottingham
Chips Johnson Westover
David Banks Lacey Wood
Dr Hamann Cherrydale
David McTaggart Barcroft
Matt D'Amico Barcroft
Emily Edwards Rosslyn
Dewita Soeharjono Nottingham
James Lantelme Lyon Village
Marg. Macdonald Courthouse
Mike Siciliano Rosslyn
Richard Cincotta Arlington Village
Susan Kehoe Arlington Village
Garrick Groves Maywood
Allen Noorbom Westover
Steve Renard Alcova Heights
Ridership, permanence, economic development... all of the above.
Robert Cherouny Rock Spring
Economic development, efficiency, environmental footprint, sense of community, encourage new ridership, low impact on traffic, smarter growth option than more/ bigger buses, no financial impact on other general fund projects
Scott Fisher Yorktown
J. G. Higoshi Courthouse
Ella Scott Arlington
Susan Thollaug Virginia Square
Michael Trulson Virginia Square
Alex Robertson Clarendon
Melodee Melin Donaldson Run
Khan Viengkham Alcova Heights
Reasmy Norin Lyon Park
Derek Blank Courthouse
Nina Waterman Nauck
Myris Dierlich Lyon Village
Michael Bruno Barcroft
Beyond serving local transportation needs, the streetcar - more importantly - represents the backbone in Columbia Pike's and South Arlington's growth.
Kristin Ford Glencross Arlington Village
Sarah Priestman Arlington Heights
Ronny Sangid Columbia Heights
Gert Kassel S. Arlington Ridge
Pauline Schwartz Arlington Ridge
Brian O'Hara Ballston
Zach Larnard South Arlington
William H. Haskins Glencarlyn
Case Bouizar Columbia Pike
Suzanna Amra Columbia Pike
Jim Butler Penrose
Liz Teopaco Fairfax
Willaim G Fuchs, Jr. Douglas Park
Derek Malis Columbia Forest
Vladimir Vidaurre Columbia Forest
Manuel Rodriguez Falls Church
Matt Stambaugh Arlington
Kevin Sweeney Ashton Heights
Jeff Burkeen Pike
Irwin Klinger Alexandria
Kate Lang Columbia Pike
Ayuhan Vaanjilnorov Douglas Park
Patrick Kongsilp Shirlington
Linda Brechbill Columbia Heights
Geoff Shank Arlington Heights
Emerson Doyle Barcroft
Milan Lukic Columbia Pike
John Brunner Barcroft
Dewita Soeharjono Arlington-East Falls Church
Beverly Sauer Country Club Hills
Stephanie Britt Columbia Forest
Nicholas Consonery Arlington Village
Brent Woods Columbia Forest
Chris McConnell Rosslyn - Radnor Heights
Nicholas Cieslinski Columbia Heights
Katherine Robinson Columbia Pike
Talisha Hill Arlington, VA
Janet Sully Arlington
Julia Carr Alexandria
Mark Latsios Aurora Highlands
Donna Chilson Baileys Crossing
Elizabeth Johnson Columbia Heights
Maryanne Mundy Penrose/Col. Pike
Doug Million Penrose
Sandra Megally Columbia Pike/Penrose
Maggie Awad Columbia Pike/Penrose
Matthew McMahon Stuart Woods
Benjamin Rivera Courthouse
Joseph Graf United States
Harin Contractor Ballston
John Fontaine Alcova Heights
Erin Harkins-Medina Courthouse
Bill Swedish Woodmont
Sidney Underwood Courthouse
Brian Gallagher Courthouse
Michelle Bernier Col Pike - Alcova
Michael R. Horn Lyon Park
Karin Price Clarendon
Carlos Stern Clarendon
Luke Van Belleghem Arl Forest
Sue McWilliams Shirlington
Will get more people out of their cars and will increase businesses to come to the area. Would like to see the Streetcar come to S. Four mile run near Shirlington.
Michael Waidelich Courthouse
Idriss Fall Barcroft
Elise Milstein Ashton Heights
E. Erdahl Clarendon
M. deFerranti Courthouse
S. Romano Rosslyn
Rick Romano Rosslyn
George Barsky Germantown, MD
I did work in Crystal City for 17 years for the Navy and walked from one to the other and to Pentagon City and the Pentagon and all around the region. I don't understand the rationale for a BRT as buses already exist in that neighborhood and have never seen a traffic jam even on US 1, JD Hwy. Secondly, why should the streetcar be barred from the Pentagon with its massive parking lots, huge numbers of trucks and buses and low flying airplanes and proximity to the Potomac River and all the highways and streets. What is DoD afraid of with a streetcar that they can't handle, or understand? At least on rails it is known where it is at all times unlike all the other vehicles and even pedestrians. Sounds like an ignorant plan to prevent a streetcar on the grounds.
Damon Dillon Barcroft (Four Mile Run near Columbia Pike)
Unlike the bus (which I have used in the past), I would consider this the equivalent of the metro and be much more willing to use it, as likely would the occupants of the other 407 apartments in the Brittany - just a hop, skip and a jump from a proposed streetcar stop.
Pat Findikoglu Arlington va
Will get more people out of their cars. Will help support affordable housing.
Malcom Peck Ashton Heights
Patricia Adair Penrose
James Smith Nauck
Earnest R. Holz Arlington Heights
Rhonda Powell Crystal City
M. Zimmerman Douglas Park
Alex B. Holar Ballston
Caroline Klam Stafford Albemarle Glebe
Anthony Clare Douglas Park
Alfonso Lopez Penrose
Kris McLaughlin Cherrydale
Silvia Albro Barcroft
Mila Lynne Floro Ballston
Norman Hill Westover
Hannah Moore Madison Manor
D. Hendel Arlington Forest
Janet Lacey Dominion Hills
Jay Baker East Falls Church
Douglas Reed Tara/Leeway Heights
Stephanie Eller Dover Chrystal
Felicia Lopez Virginia Highlands
Robert Linse Virginia Square
Monica Beaston Virginia Square
Chris Meyer Ashlawn
Richard G. Young Bon Air
Tom Byron Forest Glen
Jenny Summis Aurora Hills
Frank Winchell Claremont
David Giamporcaro Westover
Brad Rosenberg Arlington East Falls Church
Sherry Boedges Columbia Forest
Janet Wamsley Lyon Village
Ryan M Courthouse
Brittany K Courthouse
Gianmaria Courthouse
Henry McEntee Belleview Forest
Jane Ashley Penrose
Chris Smythe Lyon Park
Heidi Wood Fairlington
Robert Delpozzo Cherydale
Arlington economic growth specially in the south.
Elizabeth Blue Douglas Park
Sometimes implementation of large public projects requires visionary thinking. Yet I don't think the coming growth along Columbia Pike requires us to look very far to realize that action is needed now. In a couple of years, we won't be able to put enough buses on the Pike to meet the demand. The bus option isn't enough.
Judith Desplechin
G. ETTORI Penrose
I live in Arlington, VA, but I'm originally from France. All the cities in France that brought back the streetcars have seen their economic growth jump and their crime/insecurity rate lower by a wide margin. Besides, it is the best transporation for the environment! Go for it, ARLINGTON! We want the streetcar in Penrose 22204!
Heather DeSomer Ballston
Brian Brooks Westover
Dennis A. Miller Ballston
James Greif Columbia Heights West
Robert Malgieri Penrose
Terry Savela Lyon Park
Marina Haile DC
Christian Haile DC
Charlie Shifflett Ballston
Susan Shifflett Ballston
Kathy Snyder Larchmont/Tara
Dave Fitzpatrick Clarendon
Jeffrey Marshall Arlington
Karen Auriemma Clarendon
Lora Ferguson Arlington Forest
Cito Vanegas Stafford Albemarle Glebe
Sandra Demian Courthouse
NormanEngland Arlington Heights
paul dane
own property on pike , think its a great idea
paul dane
own property on pike , think its a great idea
Ryan Garcia Arlington View
Angela Rose Arlington View
Andy White Bluemont
Alli Henry Clarendon/Courthouse
Tom Carey cherrydale
I believe the street car will play central rule in a revitalized South Arlington. The economic boosts, from real estate to small business will serve the community immensely.
Elizabeth Warner Columbia Pike & Overlee
I just wanted to say that I own 2 properties in Arlington -- one on Columbia Pike and one of my reasons for purcashing a home on the pike was the promise of a streetcar. I have been very disappointed that it has taken so long for this streetcar to come to fruition. I hope the county board will clear the path for construction to begin soon on the streetcar.
Chris Dupouy Penrose
Less traffic / less buses / less noise / less pollution / greater interconnectivity / safer travel /
Sid Hays Crystal City
Expanded options for mass transit can only make Arlington grow in smart way. It's an investment that will pay major dividends for the county in the future.
Jonathan Zuckerman Douglas Park
Becky Daiss Courthouse
Cynthia Gertsen Columbia Forest
Terence Heron Columbia Forest
William J. Kling Arlington Heights
Karla McDuffie Nauck
Courtney Dozier Courthouse
Helen Zivkoviche Courthouse
Dylan Stagner Arlington
Bojana Vukomanovic Arlington
Jamal De Gannes Arlington
Melissa Rogers Arlington
Michael Peterson Crystal City
Rob Goldsmith Arlington Heights
Thomasina Sligh Douglas Park
Bill Goodwin Penrose
Sunny Patel Arlington - Courthouse
Macon Barrow Arlington - Columbia Pike
Josh Etim Alexandria
Nada Chordli Columbia Pike
Neil Ridley Arlington Village
Jim Avila East Falls Church
Kathleen O'Brien Rock Spring
Arsal Naveed Woodbridge
Shule Canay Barcroft
Paul B. Greenfield Fairlington
Phil Kanih Falls Church
Holly Nunn Arlington Heights
Keith Dunklee Arl. Heights
Lon Chin Courthouse
Pat Findikoglu Columbia Pike
Teri Clar Columbia Pike
Rachel Berry Aurora Hills
Micah Vote Madison Manor
Mileva Hartman Lyon Village
Christina Hunt Ballston
Joe Mitzen Arlington Heights
Charles C. Self Arlington Heights
Ray Lombardi Donaldson Run
Joe D'Emidio N. Arlington
Quynh Nguyen
Alan McDonald Columbia Heights
There is no way enhanced bus service will induce more development on Columbia Pike. Streetcar is the best way forward! Even though it will be expensive, it will pay for itself many times over according to many economic studies done on this subject.
William Schimmel Penrose
My family bought in Penrose in 2005 on the promise of a streetcar. We thought we would have seen it by now. Streetcar Pretty Please.
Paul Donaldson Crescent Hills (Rock Spring Civic Association)
My childhood experiences with streetcars. Their value to the community. They attract ridership.
Karl Hartmann Tara Leeway Heights
Economic Development
Stephen Solosy Skyline Plaza
Shawn Norton Alcove Heights
I'm in support of the streetcar because I believe it will make our area more accessible and therefore more desirable for new businesses and restaurants. It will also link us to the metro allowing us easier access to all DC has to offer.
Mary Detweier Overle Knolls
The streetcar is the "lynchpin" for planned development that businesses and residents will all benefit from. Buses, no matter how pretty or articulated, don't attract ridership nearly as much. Streetcars are key to leveraging affordable housing with developers who benefit substantially from the increased ridership and from residents who want to live where a streetcar makes the community more livable.
Stephen Hughes Arlington Heights
Tim Daly Penrose
Paul Iverson Reston, Va
Better option for this region, will generate higher ridership and more efficient than BRT
James Walker Courthouse
Andrew Ortiz Barcroft
I love the buses on Columbia Pike, particularly the 41. However, with inclusion of riders of choice, the street car will enhance county revenue streams and force high quality land use from land owners. Higher density will enhance the human scale development on the western end of the Pike. Look no further than the Orange Line for evidence. There are going to be more winners than losers. Assuming opponents' fears of a vehicular traffic slow down from a street car are possible, keeping single vehicle traffic moving for Fairfax residents doesn't make any sense to me. Who wants to live on a drive by? Screw them they can take King St to the Shirley highway. Traffic sucks and is going to get worse. My advice for those insisting on traveling to Fairfax, is to take the freeway or wait until after rush hour. What an entitlement mentality " I'm entitled to drive through the neighborhood at a high rate of speed to get to the sunset grill". The Board has lowered the speed limits on the inter-county roads in North Arlington such as Lee highway and Wilson Blvd. Why should South Arlington be expected to suffer the burden of non resident demands? We aught to build a sky rail to connect Ballston to South Arlington perhaps Fairlinton or Shirlington. Something Giant... Huge, worlds fair spectacular. Something that will put land re-use into overdrive. The future is now. Stop screwing around with cars already and build some north - south bike lanes. Do know what a pain in the posterior it is to get to Crystal city from the Arlington cinema and draft house? If one isn't driving, one almost has to take bus. Riders of choice don't take the bus, they waste money on uber, money that could have been blown on meals with a 10% tax. Stop screwing around and float the bond while interest rates are low. Are you going to wait until the FRB insists we 8, 9 or 10%? At that point the whingers and whiners will still be wrong about the long term costs but they will have more to whinge and whine about.
Carey Campbell United States
Rail saves lives. Rail creates jobs. Rail increases the value of our homes, businesses, and communities. Rail grows revenue for our schools, police, and fire departments. Columbia Pike rail is a winner for Arlington, and Fairfax Counties, and Virginia communities, and business.
Alex Strittmatter Buckingham
Debra Mayberry Arlington Forest
Peter Braham Ashton Heights
Judy Braham Ashton Heights
Ginger Evans Ashton Heights
Webb Naas Douglas Park
Phillip Zane Lyon Park
Laurel Curry Barcroft
David Giamporcaro Madison Manor
Mike Murtha Nottingham
Kip Silverman S. Four Mile Run
Thomas Cuthbert Cherrydale
Chris Forinash Old Dominion
Elizabeth Forinash Old Dominion
Ivan Mitchell Columbia Forest
Pedro A. Falto Aizpurua Columbia Heights West
Richard Kauffmann Columbia Heights West
Robert Drucker Arlington Forest
Kevin McCarty Tara Leeway Heights
N. Blagrove Arlington Forest
Rochelle Consignado Columbia Heights West
Bethany Bonuedi Columbia Forest
Delali Bonuedi Columbia Forest
Cathy Hogan Barcroft
Neal Martin Barcroft
Jane Jensen Overlee Knolls
Joe Kelm Donaldson Run
Helena Griffith Tara Leeway
Max Callahan Williamsburg
Judith MacPherson Westover
Rosalie Smith North Highland
Alice J Russell Douglas Park
Matthew Street Ashton Heights
Juan C. Huaylla Penrose Square
Barbara Miller HP-OK
Steve Cohan HP-OK
Margot Shteir-Dunn Belleview Forest
Vicki Shteir-Dunn Belleview Forest
Ellie G. Hayeck Lyon Park
JoAnne S. Hayeck Lyon Park
Hector Diaz Barcroft
Theresa George Douglas Park
Beth Wiener Douglas Park
Franz Gimmler East Falls Church
Effie Stallsmith East Falls Church
Fred Bauman Claremont
Clara Johnson Glencarlyn
Glenn Follette Country Club Hills
Debbie Weissman Waverly Hills
Ken Schellenberg Arlington Forest
Sarah Glacel Arlington Heights
Michael Holar Balls Crossing
Jean Sweeney Barcroft
John Marsh Westover
Carolyn Marsh Westover
Marta Rothwarf Waverly Park/Cherrydale
Raymond Barnes Lyon Park
Cheryl Pless Westover
Richard Hightower Westover Hills
Emerson Elliott Donaldson Run
Joyce Elliott Donaldson Run
Mark Kapeluck East Falls Church/Arlington
Karen Kapeluk East Falls Church
susan Korfanty Douglas Park
John Shanley Douglas Park
Julie Tippens Aurora Highlands
Pat Findicoglu Columbia Pike
Mike O'Malley Highland Park/Overlee Knolls
Monique O'Grady Arlington Heights
Mike O'Grady Arl Heights
Kelly Brown Virginia Square
Kathleen Trainorq Highland/Westover
Claudia Maloney Ashlawn
Lynne Williamson Virginia Square
David Williamson Virginia Square
Mark Hindin Aurora Hills
Michael Rafky Lyon Park
Dan Ulloa Arlington
Kathleen McSweeney Lyon Park
Kathy Gordon Overlee Knolls
Chris Gordon Overlee Knolls
Chris Waters Arlington Village
Matthew Dorfman Barcroft
Josh Hill Arlington
Patricia Adair Penrose
Dick Nathan The Chatham
Joan McDermott Rock Spring
Lorraine Silva Nauck
Mary MCLean Tuckahoe
Hillary Horn Williamsburg
Celia Slater Ashton Heights
Rosalind Sloan Barcroft
Art Levine Barcroft
Jana Lynott Ballston
Michelle Robinson Alcova Heights
Richard Bullington-McGuire Arlington Heights
Patricia Bullington-McGuire Arlington Heights
Marco Fattorini Foxcroft Heights
Neil Spencer Welles Columbia Heights West
Joe Kitts Leeway-Overlee
Henry Kilpatrick Penrose
Thomas Jensen Arlington Forest
Bojana Vukomanovic Arlington Village
Sarah Bardos Crystal City
Jane Siegel Pentagon City - Arlington Ridge
Stacy Collins Highland Park-Overlee Knolls
Peter Roidakis Arlington 22204
Keith Whyte Arlington Heights
Brandon Estela Crystal City
Alejandrina Tejada
Rob Nieweg Dominion Hills
Elaine Squeri Barcroft
Sean McNamara Arlington Heights
Ken Poole Arlington Heights
Ken Bandy East Falls Church
Michael Uehlein Crystal City
Joe Porporino Columbia Forest
Gilah Goldsmith Ballston
Lisa Lierheimer Clarendon
Bill Braswell Tara Leeway Heights
George Brazur Courthouse
Eric Koszyk Westover, Arlington
Matthew Zetkulic Ashton Height
Shane Sjtorm Arlington
Peter Bronez Pentagon City
Robin Baxter Yorktown
Sam Bradley 22207
Erik Beach Penrose
Megan Beyer Old Town
Sarah Schneider Fairlington
Jane Stubbs Old Dominion
Les Bergen Fairlington
Ken Aughenbaugh Donaldson Run
As Bill Clinton said, "It's about the economy..."In my travels around the US and the world, I have yet to see or even read about a bad example of a streetcar system. This is back to the future, before we got consumed by the automobile. If Arlington is a worldwide example of smart growth, let's stay smart and have the courage to move forward with such important infrastructure improvements. It is very expensive, but nothing great comes cheap or easy.
Jason Abel Penrose
Chris Brown Douglas Park
Akmal Ali Columbia Heights
Matt Latronica Columbia Heights
Orlando Flores Columbia Heightsq
Melissa Flores Columbia Heights
Michael McClory Fairlington
Russell Mason Cherrydale
Lisa Owings Columbia Heights
Donald Walsh Penrose
Jari Walsh Penrose
David Schilling Shirlington
Robert Boggs Nauck
Anh Bolles Cherrydale
Rosalie Smith Juhl North Highlands
Sidney Underwood Courthouse
Pat Brauham Bluemont
Wilson Cayao Rosslyn
Tuan Bui Barcroft
Geoffrey Vincent Rosslyn
Tenley Peterson Courthouse
Clara Griffin Barcroft
Andrew Wheeler Courthouse
JoAnn Lucero Douglas Park
Robert Parker Nauck
Sara Amy Leach Barcroft
Gary Mason Barcroft
Rodsmond Ozgo 22202
Daniel Harbuck Courthouse
Frank Vega Arlington, Va - Barcroft (Columbia Pike corridor)
I support the streetcar because I believe it will bring positive development and opportunities to the Columbia Pike corridor. I believe the County Board should pursue all means possible to build the streetcar as soon as possible.
Sarah Archer Columbia Heights
ridership, live along the Pike
Scott Winn Arlington Heights
A smart investment.
Stoddie Nibley Rosslyn
Daniel Weir Barcroft
Larry Roberts Clarendon
The Arlington streetcar system will be a very important addition to the transit options in our County, will help protect the character of the nearby neighborhoods and affordable housing, will help generate tax revenues to support schools and community purposes, and will create livable and walkable communities with greater access to businesses and amenities.
Kaitlyn Bailey's Crossroads
Sustainable urban planning, green transportation, alleviating traffic congestion, and fostering business development in the area
John Chiu Arlington
Economic Development
Tarin Ziyaee Skyline Plaza
Ridership, increased commerce, and an increase in real-estate values are all valid reasons to support the Street-Car along columbia pike. Wash DC is taking on a similar endeavor on H-Street, and the results are already impressive. Improved real-estate prices, bringing in more money, bringing in more customers to the surrounding establishments.
Mehmet Dincer
Ridership and economic development
Lyle Lanley Barcroft
Streetcars are great but Monorails are better.
Elizabeth Lofton Penrose
Edward Ryder Arlington, VA
Streetcar will provide reliable transit and will bring economic development to the Columbia Pike corridor.
Christine Mayeur Pentagon city area
I grew up riding streetcars and I very much support them coming to Arlington. They make connections that would be cost prohibitive for Metro and buses are not always reliable or their routes clear. I'd take it regularly.
Boyd Walker Alexandria VA
Son of Lois Walker, longtime Streetcar advocate with Chris Zimmerman. I completely get and understand why Streetcars are the better option for Arlington and Alexandria, and I would like to start a branch of Streetcar Now Alexandria
Shawn Norton Alcova heights
I live on Columbia Pike and have been anxious for the streetcar work to begin!! It will help bring Columbia pike into the lime light and we need new businesses!! BADLY! We also rely too heavily on driving. I will use the streetcar all the time when it comes!!
Michael Lew Douglass Park
Edward Bowles Penrose
Another method of public transit for people that don't own vehicles. Great idea and just get it done!
Candice Earnez Foxcroft
Matthew Sullivan Westover
Andrew Gordon Arlington
Richard Carr Falls Church
Ryan Huston Claremont
Johnny Ma Douglas Park
Rick Strobach Pentagon City
Brewster Thackeray Lincoln Park, Alexandria
Karina Wright Crystal City
James M. Vennett Arlington Heights
George Ziobro Leeway
Cely Sotelo Ballston
Martha Galeano Columbia Heights
Gloria Thornburgh Columbia Forest
Sean Denniston Crystal City
Ruth Elkin Skyline
Helen Victor Skyline
Helen Duval Old Glebe
Dustin Stamper Arlington Heights
Lauren Hamme Rosslyn
Stephanie Chong Arlington Heights
Darlene Burns Columbia Forest
Maynard Rogoiski Falls Church
Katie McMurdy Columbia Forest
John Howard Columbia Forest
Natalie Richardson Dover-Crystal
Tini Favila Alcova Heights
Stephane Wolf Nauck
Michael Barry South Glebe
D Pouliott Arlington Heights
Janet Walmsley Lyon Village
David Van Wagner Bluemont
Michael Raizen Boulevard Manor
Hubert Dobson Penrose
Kenneth Belkoski Barcroft
Mike Braton Arlington Heights
M Bermudez Ashton Heights
Anh Vu Arlington
Rachel Weiner Columbia Pike
John Barnes Yorktown
Dora Munoz Arlington
Tad Suiter Ashton Heights
Pete Brown Columbia Pike
economic support
Jessica Barker Alcova Heights
Permanence and economic development on the Pike!
Christopher Thornton penrose
Reduce congestion, no more loud engines and transmission, leading edge
Alex Cox Barcroft
As someone who lives in the area and takes the 16-route buses along the Pike to the Metro everyday, having a streetcar would greatly benefit my commute. More importantly, it would spur economic development in the area and make it easier and more efficient for residents to get around. The number of people travelling along Columbia Pike is just going to grow in the future, and we need a long-term solution to that congestion. Support the streetcar initiative!
Mike Braton Arl Hgts
Grew up in KC. Used to ride the street cars to my GrandMa's house and sit with her and watch them go by on 31st St. When they replaced them with buses, I could not understand why. Same thing happened in DC in the 60's. Time to turn the clock back before it's too late.
Richie Foxcroft Height
It rocks!
Tanya Meade Columbia Pike
Jon Thompson Courthouse
Maya Herman Courthouse
Susan Holdsworth Bailey's Crossroads
Leah Didani Arlington Heights
Robert Anderson Arlington
Richard McKee Courthouse
Michele Segal Courthouse
Marg. Bethany Virginia Square
Jennifer S. Rosslyn
Werner Miranda Washington, DC
Daniel Elmer Barcroft
Chris Knauer Arlington
Ty Fiebig Arlington
Audra Fiebig Arlington
James Mead Arlington
Monique O'Grady Arlington Heights
Ashley Dugan Arlington Heights
Andrew Dugan Arlington Heights
Hilary Allegrietto Columbia Heights
Marta Martinez Penrose
Jenny Rudisill Arlington
Lisa Layden Penrose
Dan Lee Penrose Square
Crystal Martinez Penrose
Robert J. Jones Washington, DC
Dominic Kiraly Arlington Heights
Steve Schwartz Douglas Park
Alice Russell Arlington 22204
Dave Leibson Douglas Park
Rusty Davis Arlington
Dr. Mokoli Arlington
Douglas Wiggins Penrose
I preferred living near a tram line in Rome than relying on the bus. They ran through better neighborhoods and enhanced property values and flexibility. Rents were higher along tram lines.
Steve Riehl Arlington VA
Make columbia pike more accessible
Fire gessesse
Bojana Vukomanovic Arlngton Village Condominium
Economic development, modern transportation. I believe it will take the Columbia Pike corridor in the right direction.
Vitaly Thompson Yorktown
Peg Hogan Ashton Heights
Jose Venzor Columbia Heights
Melissa Colson Arlington Heights
Waleska Pierantoni Alcova Heights
I support the streetcar. Let’s upgrade the Pike!!!
Stuart Horner Columbia Forest
Finally some improvements to Columbia Pike, no real alternatives to the streetcar have been offered.
Christopher Logsdon Arlington Heights
Andrea Hewitt Arlington
Eleanor Quigley Alexandria
Sasha Hawes Arlington
Carolyn Page Radnor-Fort Myer Heights
Christine Hunter Douglas Park
Ryan Huston Shirlington
Julia Oliver Yorktown
Kiersten Stadler Douglas Park
Tim Jed Nauck
Paul Bledsoe Ashton Heights
Robin Baxter Yorktown
P. Sidel Westover
J Oyola Columbia Heights
V. Prignano Virginia Highlands
Ann Felka Ashton Heights
Peter Harnik Maywood
Ed Blanton Shirlington
Gregory Richards Penrose
Kristen harstad Columbia heights
Kristen harstad Columbia heights
Nick Chauvenet Arlington, va
Economic development
Helena Payne Chauvenet Arlington
Joe fraker
Greg Godbout Penrose
Increase ridership in public transportation and more investment in Columbia Pike.
Jim Barker Crystal City
Own two businesses in Crystal City and just announced the opening of a third business yesterday in Arlington as well. I would love to see this project fast tracked and get people moving aboard this project! Washington Wine Academy and Crystal City Wine Shop
Brady pike Shirlington
Mike Kosak Shirlington
Meghan Therit
Vicki Shteir-Dunn United States
Very smart investment and best way to move larger numbers of people on Columbia Pike.
Suzanne Bohanon Glencarlyn
Liz Guertin Washington, DC
alternatives to Metro, more public transit, making the area more accessible to all
Steve Baker Rosslyn
David Franciosi Virginia Square
Eric Goodman Bluemont
Kathleen Harrison Barcroft
It's a life style choice-healthier, easier, and makes good business, Let's get this done now!!
Janel Brattland Colonial Village
Janel Brattland Colonial Village
Chris Dolan Fairfax, VA
We need to break our driving habit, and make traffic easier in this area.
Nabilah Haque Sterling, VA
Ridership, Econ, ease of transport & pkg
Luis Bep Alcova Heights
Because Columbia Pike needs it
Marel Sitron Barcroft
Pat and Bernie Alter Pentagon City
MAX D SCRUGGS United States
The streetcars will provide increasing speed and attraction to potential riders. The ridership will grow significantly.
ACH Clarendon
Tom Petty Ashton Heights
High quality, permanent infrastructure transit will help economic development in south Arlington. Electric trams are also another way to diversify the energy sources used for mass transit. I only wish there was a more comprehensive plan to interconnect all of Arlington with high quality transit.
Matthew Porcaro From Rosslyn to Ballston
Going on the car-free diet and this will help!
Mark Schlachter Long Branch Creek
Realizing the positive vision of Columbia Pike as a diverse, dynamic, and progressive community.
Noukla Ruble Arlington Village
Economic community development and ridership
Amanda Brino Fairfax County
transportation benefits, economic development
Pete Jones Arlington Heights
Economic development
Cassie Bate Arlington Heights
Bill Eisnaugle Sales person - work throughout the county
Streetcars are so easy-to-use, if routed properly - they can eliminate car traffic. They are much less expensive than a subway - and provide a fixed address on a "train" route which will enhance property values.
John Underwood Bellevue Forest
Best solution for transportation on the Pike
Richard Wood Douglas Park
The Street Car is about more than simply moving people from point A to point B. It's Economic development and growth done the right way and it's the right thing for South Arlington!
Richard Wood Douglas Park
The Street Car is about more than simply moving people from point A to point B. It's Economic development and growth done the right way and it's the right thing for South Arlington!
Ken Schellenberg Arlin gton Forrest
Getting people out of their cars and using public transit is a good thing. Thins will increase property values all along the corridor - no one bought a condo because there was a good bus line close by. It's not in my neighborhood, but this (like the "frivolous" underground metro stations will be good for the entire county.)
Celia Leckey Four Mile Run
I expect positive economic and environmental effects
Bruce Horowitz Arlington
Robert Esguerra Columbia Heights
I've lived with streetcars in Melbourne, Australia for nearly 40 years and they're great. Now that I live in Arlington i'd love to see them here also.
Ron Haddox Columbia Heights
I went to Norfolk, Virginia and saw that they had a streetcar and I was totally stunned. This is an example in our own state, why are we not talking about this? Sections of the streetcar in downtown Norfolk run in traffic and it is fine. The streetcars look like a piece of art -- like the Japanese trains. They are also quiet. There is no step up so it is safer and quicker to get on and off. The streetcars were driving and interweaving making turns in downtown traffic. The cars negotiated the streets safely with no issues. Everything was moving and it appeared that the streetcar was moving just as fast as the cars, if not faster, contrary to what the "Tea Party" says. I also noticed that the buses were empty. I guess no one wants to ride the bus. The Norfolk streetcar has been so successful that Virginia Beach, the neighboring city government recently voted to extend streetcar from Norfolk to Virginia Beach. Why should we be stuck in the 70s with buses? Is Arlington so poor that Norfolk and Virginia Beach can have a streetcar but Arlington can't? I guess people think Columbia Pike is the poor part of town. People fighting the streetcar are perpetuating this stereotype of south Arlington. The streetcar seems the only thing we can do to fix the transportation problem on Columbia Pike. I would prefer Metro, but have been told it is impossible due to the prohibitive cost of moving Pentagon communication wires under Columbia Pike. In addition, I would like the businesses to start acting as if the streetcar was already here and start enforcing the laws -- delivery trucks are not supposed to be parked on Columbia Pike. If the rails are in, they certainly won't.
James Lepore Courthouse
Looking forward to more green public transportation alternatives! Our family would be far more inclined to frequent the businesses along Columbia Pike if streetcars were an option.
John Morrill Arlington Heights
Brendan Lindsey Penrose
Gary Montante Forest Glen
The streetcar project means transforming the area into a world class community.
Paul Finn Columbia Forest
Mariia Zimmerman Ashton Heights
The streetcar will help to bring improved transit service to this part of the county and spur economic development. Other cities like Portland, Dallas and Kansas City are investing in streetcars while also supporting efforts to create more affordable housing. We can do this, too. The additional economic development can provide benefits to the whole county, and especially to the corridor.
John Weaver Alexandria , VA
As representative of a commercial property owner along Columbia Pike I would like to express our support for the Streetcar. We believe it will enhance the transformation of the Pike into a more vibrant, successful place to live, work, and shop.
Harry Blackwood Clarendon
At the beginning of the 20th century we had streetcars up and down the Washington metropolitan area. In fact, before it was a Metro corridor, Rosslyn-Ballston was a streetcar corridor. In the middle of the century the streetcars were taken out in favor of buses, and the area fell to car dealerships and McDonalds -- much like what portions of Columbia Pike are today. It's time we went back to streetcars and gave Columbia Pike and south Arlington the revitalization it deserves.
Joan Morgan Col Hts West? Park Glen Condos
Moved to the neighborhood 3 years ago and love the Col Pike Dev plans including trolleys! Will create a real sense of place and put us on the map.
Thomas Kirchgessner Penrose
I will ride the streetcar as often as I can! I am a new, however 'future long-time' resident of Penrose, and am looking forward to improving the quality of life for the many future new residents we have coming our way along the pike.
Jonathan Nateghi-Asli Douglas Park
LInda Chandler Aurora Highlands
This will benenfit people living with disabilities to provide this transportation option.
Martha E Coello Arlington
I'm a native Arlingtonian and resident of the Columbia Pike corridor. The County has put forward a comprehensive plan to redevelop the Columbia Pike Corridor that is sorely needed. To accomplish this plan and achieve economic revitalization of the area a new mode of transportation, in the form of a streetcar, is needed to attract new, urban development to serve all current and future Columbia Pike residents.
travis mayo United States
I support the street car because our community deserves long-term transport solutions that provide high-quality, easy to use services that the people of Arlington will use on a daily basis.
Chris von Guggenberg Alexandria, VA
Reduce traffic, better for the environment, adds charm to the local area
Marty Burkard Columbia Heights
I believe the streetcar is a key ingredient in the revitalization of the Columbia Pike corridor, and is the first step in creating an integrated streetcar network throughout Northern Virginia.
Ben Johnson Penrose
Eileen Barthelmy
Taxpayer for Streetcars
Javier & Amelia Garcia
Marie-Elise McGonigle AEFCCA
Streetcars will retalize and bring excitement to the most neglected areas of Arlington!
Hugh McGonigle
Scott Bartos Crystal City - Eclipse Condo
Increases ease of movement to, from, and around Arlington, without use of a car. Expand menu of clean transportation options. Accelerate economic development around a preferred and fixed transportation backbone.
Eric Davis Arlington View
I grew up in Salt Lake City and saw how a streetcar (light rail) can transform an area. Most opposed the rail line before it opened, but it's now seen as an incredible success. It's revitalized areas along the line and has helped bring people back to the city to work and play. Although I'm concerned about the ever increasing cost of the Columbia Pike streetcar, I do think it will someday help boost the area economically and will ultimately make us better connected. I am so convinced of the area's promise that my wife and I purchased our first home along the line. I do not believe that BRT is the right answer since it won't be a dedicated bus line, and it will still carry the stigma of a public bus. I understand the attraction to it based on the finances, but I really don't think BRT will help the Pike grow the way a streetcar will.
Dezlboy Columbia Heights
The streetcar will contribute to sustained growth and provide tax resources. It's a wise investment.
Dan Najjum Douglas Park
A major investment in our awesomely diverse South Arlington by way of public transportation infrastructure. What's not to like? I can't wait to ride on the street car!
Robert H.Williams Alcova Heights
I will ty to be at the meeting to support the street car.
Gautam Sharma Columbia Heights West
This is a much need boast to the revitalization of Columbia Pike that will pay dividends economically and environmentally. The alternatives do not measure up.
Alyssa DeCamp Rosslyn
Economic development and transportation convenience
Emily Toner Courthouse
I strongly believe that a streetcar connecting Columbia Pike would increase the economic development of the area and enable local businesses to thrive with the increase in consumers. It would also likely bring many more people who are eager to live in an up and coming neighborhood, which is currently lacking in Arlington, as most of the areas are well established.
Christopher Gabel
David Parrish Barcroft
I am a resident of south Arlington and live just steps from the corner of Columbia Pike and Four Mile Run Drive. I have been a resident of Arlington since 1997. I grew up as an army brat and spent six years in Germany and often commuted to and from school, toured cities, went out dining and shopping with my parents using streetcar transportation. Streetcar infrastructure isn't cheap. But neither is all the infrastructure that has been approved for other areas of the county: new swimming pools, new schools, additions to the water treatment facility to accommodate nearly continuous housing development along the Wilson-Clarendon corridor, and a massive redevelopment plan for Crystal City. My support for this initiative is twofold. First, a streetcar is an effective catalyst to spur sustainable, lasting economic and community development in south Arlington (especially in Zip Code 22204). I consider a streetcar system to be a middle-ground transportation option (a new subway line being the most expensive option and continued bus service the low-cost, simplest and least effective option). Bus service has been improved significantly along Columbia Pike but to what end? The area has realized no significant improvement since the plan was initiated. It is now time to abandon the low-cost option as an answer to this question. The second part of my support for this initiative is based on the concept of equity. South Arlington residents provide a significant portion of the county's revenue base. Since I have lived in the county I have resided in the Courthouse area, in Crystal City, and in Barcroft. The inconvenient truth of the matter is that south Arlington has been and remains last on the list of the county's prioritization of communities. Arlington county is small in area but the disparity among communities is enormous (and growing). It's time to end this cycle of economic and social segregation. And it's long past time to stop pretending it doesn't exist. I'm an Alabama native so I know it when I see it. The county commission should support the streetcar initiative and move forward to implement the plan at the earliest possible time given the real and growing need for such a resource. It is more valuable than ten Aquatics Centers, dozens of Planetariums, and hundreds of parking spaces.
Heather McPhail Douglas Park
I have lived in South Arlington for more than 20 years, and I welcome the streetcar as a means of keeping affordable housing AND preventing car gridlock up and down the 'Pike." Change is coming to the Columbia Pike Corridor whether we have a streetcar or not. So, let's be smart and proactive and prevent car gridlock from taking over our wonderful South Arlington neighborhoods. I'm glad the business community welcomes the Streetcar, as they will be footing the bill for funding it (over and above the federal contribution.) If they are willing to put up with the construction (which will take less time, and money than Metro), then I am. I am glad I have learned more about the Streetcar, as I have changed from being doubtful about its benefits for our community, to becoming a supporter.
Gabe Snow Claremont
Ahmet Argon United States
Bo Nielsen Barcroft
Will bring convenience and more development to South Arlington.
Hugh Sutherland Alexandria
Streetcars will be the key to sustainable growth and protecting our enviorment.
Chris Guizlo Virginia Square
The addition of Streetcars in Arlington would be a great positive for the area and will bring even more businesses and residents to the area. It will also give residents already in the area more options to help them discover different parts of Arlington.
Patricia Anderson Columbia Heights
The Streetcar is a sustainable, forward thinking transportation solution that will adapt with the Pike as our community grows and evolves. It is a fiscally responsible step forward.
Edward E Cragg Arlington Heights
I watched the demise of streetcars in DC and the congestion problems that caused
Robert Parry Alcova Heights
Arlington: Separate and Unequal By Robert Parry I have lived in South Arlington for 35 years. I’m proud of our history as the site of Freedmen’s Village, carved out of Robert E. Lee’s plantation to provide homes for emancipated slaves during and after the Civil War. My four children attended South Arlington public schools, among the most ethnically diverse in the United States. But I have become increasingly disappointed and even offended by what appears to be the systematic discrimination from predominantly white North Arlington toward the more racially and ethnically mixed neighborhoods south of Route 50. We are treated like we “live on the other side of the tracks.” And, the Arlington County government, which prides itself on its liberal attitudes, should reflect on this disparity. The latest sign of this growing division of Arlington into separate-and-unequal communities is a new reluctance on the County Board to press ahead with the long-planned construction of a light-rail streetcar on Columbia Pike, the main thoroughfare through South Arlington. Years ago, I and many of my neighbors took time out of our busy schedules to attend public meetings that endorsed the streetcar as a key element in the long-delayed revitalization of the Columbia Pike corridor. Now, I’m told that there is the possibility that the County Board might not see this project through. Yet, if the streetcar is abandoned, it will confirm to many of us in South Arlington that we are second-class citizens as far as the Arlington government is concerned. Indeed, this problem of discrimination against the racially and ethnically mixed neighborhoods of South Arlington has grown worse since I first bought a modest bungalow on South Highland Street in 1978. Then, the difference in comparable home prices between North and South could be measured by $5,000 or $10,000. Now, that variable can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. The principal reason for this widening disparity, of course, is the location of the Metro’s Orange line running under Wilson Boulevard, the main business artery through North Arlington. The placement of the subway transformed that corridor and provided a financial windfall for people lucky enough to have owned property near the route. The subway also attracted wealthier newcomers who expect even better schools and other county services. So, when the county’s three high schools were scheduled for reconstruction, the two North Arlington high schools were bumped ahead of Wakefield, the one South Arlington high school. Wakefield had been first in line but instead fell to the back of the line. Other South Arlington schools, like Thomas Jefferson Middle School, get patch-ups while North Arlington schools get new construction. I’m also told that it’s next to impossible for South Arlington kids to gain transfers into North Arlington’s “magnet” science focus school. In recent years, one of the prime examples of actual new construction in South Arlington has been the expansion of the wastewater treatment facility off South Glebe Road. Yes, one thing that folks in North Arlington do seem willing to give us is their sewage. So, in my view, the fate of the Columbia Pike streetcar is more than just whether Arlington County will live up to a commitment made to South Arlington residents at those public meetings years ago, but whether the County Board will tolerate the deepening division of Arlington into two separate-and-unequal communities, one that is predominately white and wealthy (and which gets favored treatment) and one that is more racially and ethnically diverse (and which gets the short-end of the stick). Will the people of North Arlington continue to get the benefit of a very expensive subway system that we all helped pay for – and will the folks of South Arlington be denied a much less expensive surface rail line? Does Arlington really want to be known as a county that feels its North residents should have access to a modern subway while its South residents must make do with buses? It’s time to build the Columbia Pike streetcar, finally. Signed/ Robert Parry 3524 7th Street South Arlington, VA 22204-1567 Robert Parry is a veteran investigative journalist who worked for The Associated Press, Newsweek, PBS Frontline and Bloomberg News. He currently edits the investigative Web site, He can be reached by e-mail at
Mark Sorensen The Madison
I think that the streetcar program would be an excellent addition to the area. I know that I would use it frequently. I support it for the economic development and ecologic advantages it would bring to the Columbia Pike neighborhood.
Lorne Epstein Maywood
Ashley Lapato South Riding, VA
Lareese Miracle Leesburg, VA
Joshua Boatner Penrose
Lori Haddad Aurora Hills
car free, tourism, neighborhood ambience
Annette Osso Barcroft
Wave of the future Holds lots of people Good for people and economic growth
Lionel Nauck
economic development and accessibility for transportation.
Kevin Lucier Douglas Park
Monisha Sarna Douglas Park
Eric Guggenheimer all
Lived in Europe, its about time we do it here......
Love Rutledge Alexandria, VA
Looking to buy a house in Arlington on the Col. Pike and would like to use the street car to commute to work at the Pentagon
Maurita Mulligan Arlington
Anri Nichol Arlington Village
This is good for the environment. We would also like to go carless, and can only do it with a street car.
Marc Nichol Arlington Village
The Columbia Pike Street Car will be a winner. Please make this happen!
Jeff Sellers Arlington
ridership, aesthetics, creating a destination
David McDuff Penrose
Would love to see the Pike even more accessable.
Andrew Mooore Penrose
As a small business owner transportation is hugely important to me. It is imperative that we continue to invest in our infrastructure.
Katrina Klein Schultz Penrose
I Live in the Penrose and think the street car is great for our neighborhood and it enhances all of the local businesses
Zachary Bly Douglas Park
Fewer cars! More transit!
Marianne Aiken Radnor Heights
Delores Fischer-Jenkins Columbia Pike, the west end
We need a modern transportation system that will decrease auto traffic on Columbia Pike. The Pike Corridor was ignored during the Metro Rail process and its time that the Pike be given adequate transportation options. The trolley will increase tourist options thus bringing revenue to the county.
Sherry Blankenship Alcova Heights
In huge support of the streetcar!
Robert Swennes Leeway Overlee
This is a visionary transportation element in Arlington County. Much of what has become great about this community in the past 20 years has been due to the vision of Arlington's leaders and senior staff a generation before. The planned streetcar system will rejuvenate the Columbia Pike corridor for the 21st century and and is expected over time to provide critically needed mass transportation improvements to affected nearby key roadways in Crystal City and Potomac Yards as well as along Route 7 (Leesburg Pike) in nearby Fairfax County. But care must be taken to protect as much affordable housing along the Pike as possible and to limit redevelopment to something substantially less than that permitted along the Rosslyn-Ballston Metro corridor.
Darren Hildebrand Columbia Heights West
Improving Columbia Pike is very important to the economic viability of South Arlington. For too long the majority of the new affordable housing units have been put into the 22204 ZIP; it is time for improvements for the property owners in this area too. Discussion of the improvements to Columbia Pike have been ongoing for nearly a decade since the first charette back in 2000 -- the streetcar will bring a much needed revitalization to the area and has been delayed far too long.
Mary Khoury Columbia Pike
Linda Gaines Barcroft
Increase public transit ridership, reduce traffic on Columbia Pike, make public transit to Pentagon City and Crystal City, and Metro easier.
Christopher Kupczyk and Katherine Zucca Barcroft
John Moran Foxcroft Heights
Economic development - safety - slow down traffic - make Columbia Pike more pedestrian friendly / walkable neighborhoods - END the ARTERY nature of the Pike
Karen Darner Barcroft
I grew up in the St. Louis area and was fortunate to experience streetcar transportation with my grandmother. Your whole perspective is elevated, and the Columbia Pike trolley will be similar. We will have our own positive distinction for a special part of Arlington, and it definitely will attract people to our neck of the woods. I only wish this great idea and partnership were now!
Rick Reinsch Penrose
To help get cars off the road
Patrick Bryan Arlington, VA
Economic development; ridership
Joe Berger Barcrroft
It brings a cornucopia of goodness--development, efficiency, effectiveness. And having lived in Europe for nearly a decade and relied in them regularly, streetcars do work. Arlington--and the Pike-corridor are only going to get more crowded. This is the right mitigation strategy.
Doretta E. Shull S. Four Mile Run Dr. & Columbia Pike
Having lived for several years in European cities with electric tram line infrastructure, I strongly feel that this additional transportation mode will provide a rider-welcomed quality of life boost to Arlington County workers and residents.
Jenny Tsao Columbia Forest
It will definitely increase ridership due to the potential efficiency and speed improvements that the streetcars will offer, which will in turn have economic benefits. It will also increase the appeal of the Arlington area that is included in the streetcars.
Rick Keller Dominion Hills
Economic development, smartest environmental choice, long-term planning, smart growth, and to provide the Co with a negotiating tool for the creation of committed affordable housing
Peter Anderson Barcroft
Economic development
Andrea Popp Barcroft
Ridership, economic development
Bill Gearhart
For the proposed route, it is the best way to attract riders and move people. The route has the requisite population density and density projections. It is financially feasible (buses are not cheap), and of the various options provides the easiest access to public transportation for those with mobility limitations and for parents with small children and strollers.
Jennifer Paul Westover
As a North Arlington resident of 17 years whose family has benefited in many ways from forward-thinking public transit investments made by taking MetroRail underground through North Arlington decades ago, I support the street car plan as a comparable strategic investment for Columbia Pike in particular and the Arlington community overall.
Margaret Hall Columbia Forest
All the reasons given on this site. Columbia Pike needs the upgrade for transportation and economic development. I fully support this.
Nick Bartolomeo Pentagon City
Levels of ridership, attractive public transit, efficiency, and starting to build a light-rail network in the DC metro area.
James Tsai Columbia Forest
I am a new resident of Arlington. I think that the streetcar is good sensible transportation to keep Arlington on track for smart growth. Having seen the streetcars in Minneapolis and Portland I can say that they really do connect communities and are affordable for all to ride. Glad to see this group get together!
Linda Massaro United States
I am pleased to see there is a group in favor of the street car. I support your effort and I support the project. I think will be good for this area that need revitalization.
Brian Dean Rosslyn
(1) Columbia Pike need, (2) Success of other light rail/ street cars in numerous locations around the world, (3) Need to connect Fairfax to Arlington to Alexandria, (4) Possibly future to have a Route 7 street car that crosses the Columbia Pike street car along with other lines.
Dan Lockard
Gary Palmatier Arlington Village
Convenience of ridership and permanence of progressive, alternative public transportation. Long-term economic development and sustainability.
Cindy R. Penrose / Arlington Heights
I live along the orange line but work along the Pike. There's so much potential there for first-rate urban living. And with apologies to any friends who might sympathize with AST, but reading their web resources is like reading Ken Ham's Answers in Genesis blog.
Felicia Rameo Nauck
Laurie Martin Douglas Park
Steve Cole Bluemont
Moving more people, more conveniently, faster and more economically is vital to revitalization of the Pike.
Ron Novak Douglas Park
Economic Development and improved efficiency of commuting.
Peter Owen Clarendon
My personal experience in riding both streetcars and buses is that streetcars offer a more comfortable, more reliable trip. Also, I think the streetcars connecting Alexandria and Fairfax through south Arlington will improve our local economy and overall quality of life.
Michelle Tolbert Arlington Heights
Our family lives in Arlington Heights and strongly believe the street car will be a huge transportation, economic, and environmental benefit for our area
Kevin Bianco Arlington, VA
Permanence, economic development, environmental sustainability, air quality, safety etc etc. I think we should reconsider making the streetcar run down the middle of Columbia pike and reducing the number of traffic lanes. Let's make the pike a true neighborhood, a walkable safe place to raise our children. Right now there are too many speeding cars cutting through our collective home to go to or come back from somewhere else. We should make Columbia pike a destination. Right now it's a two lane super hwy, where crossing is equal to a game of frogger.
Jim Webster
I'd consider moving to the Pike if it were there. It would be nice to have a subway but streetcar is the best practical option. Even the best bus system would be second class.
Robert H. Williams Alcova Heights
It will be a very significant investment in South Arlington. Will create jobs and encourage more business along the Pike. I am 100% behind it.
Caroline Klam Stafford, Albemarle, Glebe
Great, green way to move people and enhance the county
Jim Oliver Aurora Highlands
I collect the experience of riding public transit. I have ridden on systems all over the world. I have lived on Columbia Pike and used 16 buses for almost 20 years to commute for work, to take my son to school, Tae Kwon Do, and for social and recreational purposes. I am an engineer. I know streetcars and I know Columbia Pike.
Jane Metcalfe Glebewood Village
Leslie Mead Glen Carlin
Shawn Shafer Nauk
Dustin Gamache Penrose
Reid Goldstein Douglas Park
Streetcar is the right decision at the right time. We need a higher capacity, high quality, permanent transit system for the Pike to develop as planned; we need to take the long view in planning for the future; interest rates are low today; better and more seamless transportation links are increasingly important for commuters and non-commuters alike; more opportunities for work, shop and recreation will arise as transportation evolves… Just like the Metrorail corridors, the possibilities for transformation are tangible, exciting and immeasurable!
Jim Feaster
Michael Brinley Penrose
Invesments in our infrastructure will last for hundreds of years. New buses could be sold tomorrow. This is exactly what we need as a city to stay competitive for the next several decades.
Elizabeth A. Floyd Ashton Heights
Increase ridership, reduce SOV (single occupancy vehicle) travel, increase access to non-Metro linked neighborhoods, economic vibrancy. Plus, streetcars are just cool!
Timothy Ferguson Barcroft
Steve Meyer Alcova Heights
Andrew Rosti Columbia Heights West
It will provide the corridor with the dedicated mass transit necessary to support the existing population as well as the planned future growth. It will bring a vibrancy and attention to an area of the county that deserves it as well as much needed capital investment from both public and private sources.
Michael Nemeth Shirlington
All transportation solutions should be looked at and considered. I have yet to hear realistic reasons why a streetcar would not work or benefit the residents, businesses, the county and its growth when it has considerably in other cities around the nation. Hopefully, it will for Arlington as well.
Carlos Gomez-Rosa Douglas Park
Support based on the potential for economic development that will bring to the Arlington Columbia Pike corridor which will benefit business, employers, and residents.
Jean Stoner Penrose
Economic development, increase use of public transit
Kristy Anderson Douglas Park
property value, neighborhood revitalization, modern and efficient transportation option on the Columbia Pike corridor, fair spending of Arlington County taxes for residents of south Arlington
Samantha Hunter Douglas Park
I've tried the bus - never again. Please, let's move forward and get this project going. Enough talk about fancier buses. That's not going to get it done. South Arlington deserves a better form of mass transit, and streetcar is it.
Dean Amel United States
Experience elsewhere has shown that streetcars attract a higher ridership than buses, even well-designed BRT systems. I believe that a streetcar is the best way to move people out of their cars and onto mass transit, something that will become more important as the Columbia Pike corridor continues to develop and become more densely settled.
Megan Mack Barcroft
The #16 buses are great. Streetcars sound like a good way to build on the public transport we have, improve accessibility, and provide a new attraction to the Pike. I look forward to riding!
Christopher Thompson Alcova Heights
We own a house in Alcova Heights and we are confident that the streetcars will do much for our property values and our connectivity to greater Washington and the rest of South Arlington. We are posted out of state now but will be back in a few years and we hope the cars are running by then.
Joel Curtis Alcova Heights
Maria Abarca Alcova Heights
Josh Holly Alcova Heights
Larry Yungk Alcova Heights
I travel to a number of cities with modern streetcar lines. In Geneva, Switzerland - a city of about 200,000 very similar in size to Arlington, they have two streetcar lines. They go right through the heart of the city down very busy narrow main streets - and I observe no issues about traffic. What I like about the streetcars is it's very easy to know where they go even as a tourist. They are roomier inside than buses - and as the cars are interconnected its easy to walk between cars. You don't get that effect of buses with one jammed, the next one empty. Also, they stop and start more smoothly than buses. The main down side are the electric wires, but they are less conspicuous than old trolley lines were (e.g. the one I knew in Pittsburgh). Plus, there are no fumes and it's quieter than a bus. My observation is that there are people who will ride streetcars and avoid buses, but few bus riders who would shun a streetcar. So I think it will lure more people into using public transportation. As for traffic issues, again - in Geneva, they run down the streets. Where passengers are picked up - there are lanes for traffic to flow around the streetcar. The effect on traffic is no more than what a bus would be. Finally, like Metro - the investment in a infrastructure like this will strengthen the economy along the corridor where it runs. It will be inconvenient and a headache when it is being built. But so was Metro when it was being built (I was living in NW Washington when the Red Line was going in) and no one can doubt the positive impact on neighborhoods with close Metro access. And many of us enjoy the fact we can take metro to get destinations throughout the city. This will provide that kind of easy comfortable access for others to reach Columbia Pike businesses and other destinations.
Lida Anestidou Columbia Heights
1) It is vital to have a more efficient way to catch the metro at Pentagon City. if we can't extend metro inside South Arlington then the streetcar is a good alternative 2) It will help with the economic advancement of South Arlington and the improvement of the neighborhoods 3) Arlington is committed to spending energy resources responsibly, at least the streetcar does not rely on gasoline
Connie Mahan Douglas Park
Go Streetcar! Will be a great addition to our public transit portfolio. I heartily endorse it.
David Dickson Douglas Park
I have lived in the Columbia Pike corridor and used transit for more than 25 years. In that time I have seen the continuing redevelopment along the corridor and the accompanying changes in transit service. The streetcar is the transit option that will best serve current and future residents and workers as the corridor continues to grow and thrive.
Eric Harold Barcroft
With the public funding of the interstate highway system transportation was dramatically changed and in very short order we became a society dominated by cars. The new urban development philosophies that focus on integrating walkability and high quality, permanent public transportation finally provide the recipe for promoting development WITHOUT increasing cars and congestion on the roads. The streetcar is a critical component of this and an excellent investment of public money. It's time to build the streetcar and continue the amazing growth of Columbia Pike.
Lola Lombard Arlington Heights
Economic development
Katia Goffin Penrose
Street cars are great for economic development ans well as for the fabric of the community. It makes traveling easy and should lessen car use as well as ease congestion.
Scott Brinitzer Barcroft
I strongly support the Columbia Pike street car as it believe that the streetcar will be an integral part of the development of the Pike over the next several decades. Planners in the 1960's fought for, and got, the orange line through Arlington, altering, for the better, much of the core of our county. The time is now to spur improvements, spur "smart growth" along the Columbia Pike corridor.
Jon Hensley Columbia Heights
Barbara Swart Barcroft
The Pike is growing! We need streetcar transit to keep up with increased business and residential density.
Brian Harner Penrose
I wholeheartedly support the Columbia Pike streetcar and the enormous benefit this will offer to Arlington for years to come! Urban Streetcars have been proven time after time to offer economic, social, and environmental benefits to every community that has built them, and I am proud of Arlington for undertaking this important project.
John Murphy Penrose
I own Washington Workplace, a business employing 33 people in Penrose. We strongly support the Streetcar. Hey????? Hasn't this thing been approved already?
David Kinsman Arlington Heights
Tim and Ann Felker Ashton Heights--south end, less than a mile from Columbia Pike
In November 2012, we visited my brother, a former Arlingtonian, in Portland, Oregon. He lives in affordable housing on Grand Ave, S.E. and the Portland Streetcar line stops directly in front of his house all day and night. The cars are quieter than buses, take up a lane only as much as a bus would. The tracks did not disrupt traffic flow or pedestrian crossing. Parking has been rearranged to keep cars out of the track lane, but traffic flows compatibly with the train cars. My brother is disabled so accessing the street car is much easier and less embarrassing for him than having to slow down passengers on a bus that requires a great deal of effort to enter. We are very much in favor of the street car addition to Arlington transportation options. Another perspective...I recently spent 7 months moving my elderly mother around in a wheel chair. Wheel chair accessibility is not exactly the picnic that the signs would make you think....just try maneuvering a wheel chair over uneven sidewalks, frightening ramps, scary lifts. It is a most uncomfortable situation since wheel chairs do not have shock absorbers! Providing public transportation for the disabled which does not have these barriers would be one more thing to be proud of in Arlington. WE LOVE THE STREETCAR AS PROPOSED. GO FOR IT NOW.
Sarah McKinley Columbia Heights
Many people that I meet find the capital costs of the streetcar daunting--a problem that has faced every large-scale project since time began. What they don't realize is that these costs are capitalized over a long period of time, and for many thousands of people. Today, noone would question the wisdom of building the public transportation in London or New York. The fact is that the long-term benefits of building those systems will extend for hundreds of years. The street car is a permanent transportation solution that will eventually connect us not only to shops along the Pike, but to Fairfax County, DC and beyond. As a fixed-route system, it will be easy to use, and people like them. I have seen these systems in other cities and they work very well. Yes, we can buy more buses, but they aren't as comfortable to ride or as attractive. And yes, there will be more people riding the streetcar than would ride the bus. And in the long run, that does make a difference.
Michael Collier
Same reasons as my wife, Kim Collier!
Kim Collier Barcroft
The street car would lessen traffic on the Pike and provide citizens an alternative means of transportation in this area. It would also help foster economic development and bring back a "home town" feel to the unique and historic nature of the Pike.
John Kirkpatrick Columbia Forest
Believe that the streetcar is the best long term solution to support growth on the Pike.
Hans Bauman Waycroft-Woodlawn
Kendra Slatt Penrose
The Streetcar is the key to walkable, sustainable Columbia Pike!
Judith Richter Barcroft
Why is it people will ride a streetcar but not a bus? Never understood that logic but it certainly exists. I'm all for providing a public transportation system that will actually get people out of their cars.
Jerry Brill Columbia Forest
I am delighted to think that we might one day have a streetcar system on Columbia Pike. I have lived on the Pike for more than 50 years. I am retired, now, so I am no longer concerned with commuting to a job, but plan to utilize the streetcar for transportation to medical appointments, routine shopping expeditions, luncheon or dinner outings, visiting friends who live along the Pike, and for connecting with the metrorail system for visits to other metropolitan areas. I hope the Columbia Pike streetcar system is fully operational by the time it is necessary for me to give up my car. If so, it will help me to live independently and remain in my home for years to come.
Christine Hopkins Barcroft
It will help mould the redevelopment that is inevitable and necessary for Columbia Pike. Fixed transportation shows the permanency of the feature and is the only solution that is good enough for South Arlington if we are to be a fullly developed destination with Arlington.
Sean Moore
I'm excited for the streetcar and the opportunities it will bring to communities lining the pike. I have lived in Douglas Park for 17 years and am pleased with the development that has come to Arlington. The county has seen phenomenal growth that has provided new retail, residential and office areas through clustering development around transit. All of this has been done with minimal increases in local traffic counts despite major increases in density. At the same time the county has moved to support existing single family neighborhoods and affordable housing. Location is key in real estate and land is finite. These things are the advantages that Arlington has over other locales. Growth in Arlington is inevitable and we have to provide the infrastructure needed to facilitate that growth. The streetcar provides an opportunity to mitigate the impacts of the growth that is coming to the Pike and secure financial support from companies wishing to develop projects along the Pike. We can choose to invest in the future or stick our heads in the sand and let developers build their projects by-right, this is Virginia after all, without supporting transit options and hope for the best. The county studied the options and determined the streetcar to be the best option for the Pike. I agree with the county's findings. The streetcar is a good investment, will support the inevitable growth coming to Arlington and yes is well within the county's financial means. We need to continue to invest in the county's future and the streetcar is a logical next step. Sean R. Moore Douglas Park
Kari Footland Walker Barcroft
Economic development - particularly along Columbia Pike! This is the forgotten area of Arlington and if you do not help this area of Arlington, what does it say about how much the Board cares about the ENTIRE county (and not just the North side). Do NOT continue to neglect South Arlington!!
Lowell Feld Virginia Square
Projects like this one make a great deal of sense as we work to build a more energy efficient, environmentally friendly Arlington County. It was a big mistake for America to have moved away from streetcars in the first place - even going so far as to tear up streetcar lines and pave them over to make them friendly to cars! Now, at a time when global warming threatens massive devastation to humans and to every other species on this planet, we need to transition as rapidly as possible to smart growth/transit-oriented development, renewable energy, and mass transit alternatives like streetcars. As for this specific project, it's been carefully studied and extensively discussed for years. Now it's time to stop endlessly debating and build it already!
Jason Kiker Barcroft
I love the idea of more and better public transportation. This will significantly increase the livability of our area.
Anne Santarone Barcroft
Streetcar service would be a permanent infrastructure investment in and enhancement of the Columbia Pike corridor. The service would be a benefit to the overall community by promoting ridership and access to the Pike corridor services, and would add to the home values in our Barcroft location. We support the streetcar project.
Andrew and Carol Hunter Barcroft
Long term economic development in sustained and livable manner
Elizabeth Kiker Barcroft
I want streetcars for easy, attractive public transportation.
Mr Tim Torma Bluemont
This is an investment in making Arlington a great place for decades to come an an important piece of an overall growth strategy that has protected the environment, grown the local economy and improved quality of life in Arlington. It is time to stop talking and start building.
Linley Mancilla Columbia Heights West
Charley Conrad Four Mile Run
The street car will give us more rides up and down the pike, increase property values and enhance south Arligton as a place to visit, eat and shop.
Kip Malinosky Rooslyn
We need to stop being so reliant on cars. A street would Columbia Pike to become a much more dense, walkable community.
Elisa Ortiz Columbia Heights
John Grant Nauck
Christine Penrose
It's proven to increase ridership over buses, it will promote a lively Columbia Pike and it keeps Arlington on the map for being forward thinking about transportation. Don't let us fall behind DC!
Katie Loughney Arlington Heights
I am a real estate agent and do a lot of business in the neighborhoods along Columbia Pike (I am also a resident of Arlington Heights). Many of my clients decide they want to search for a new home around Columbia Pike because of the street car. They believe that the street car will increase property values and they think it is a fabulous area to live. In addition many business along the Pike lose business because they are not on a metro stop and people don't want to take a bus from the metro to get to the restaurants on the Pike, however, they would take a street car. The street car is undoubtedly a draw for people! Please bring the street car!!
Bryant Monroe Barcroft
The Streetcar is the right choice to meet our transit needs now and for the future.
Jennifer Abel Arlington Heights
The county board has already voted in support of it, most of the funding is coming from federal dollars, and anything that gets cars off the roads is a good plan, so there should no longer be any argument about it.
Inta Malis Columbia Forest
A streetcar network will support and encourage the kind of development that has made Arlington a great place to live and work. The thoughtful work of our past leaders created the community we are today. We must be equally committed to planning for the next generation. Streetcars are an essential piece of a transportation system that will support growth while maintaining a high quality of life for our residents and workforce.
Pat Williamson Barcroft
It will brighten the dreary corridor west of Glebe Road immensely
Linda Dye Douglas Park
I have lived in the Pike corridor and ridden the Route 16 buses since 1975. People who won't ride a bus will ride a streetcar - the experience of numerous cities demonstrates that. Our community has approved increased mixed-use density in 4 specific geographic areas along the Pike through the Form-Based Code. The private sector has begun to redevelop these areas with the understanding that a streetcar line would be built. In 2006 both the Arlington and Fairfax county boards approved streetcar as the Locally Preferred Alternative after full vetting in both counties. In 2012 both county boards approved streetcar again after full vetting. In 2012 the Arlington County board approved the Columbia Pike Neighborhoods Plan for the multi-family apartment areas between the 4 geographic areas covered by the Form-Based Code. The Neighborhoods Plan has an extremely ambitious goal - to preserve 100% of affordable housing. This goal cannot be achieved without streetcar. Our community has approved increased density, the private sector is responding - it's time for the county to demonstrate a significant commitment to the health of the Pike corridor through streetcar. From a financial standpoint there is unlikely to be a better time for any jurisdiction to make investments in infrastructure than now.
Mary Beth Zimmerman
Michael Robinson Barcroft (since 2002)
I'm looking forward to the County being great for ALL its taxpayers... not just those in North Arlington. The development and transportation ideas emerging along the Pike are great and greatly encourages me to stay.
Mark Loughney Arlington Heights
The streetcar project would be the closest we will ever get to a Metro line in South Arlington. Permanence, capacity and character.
Gayle Fleming Commons of Arlington/Arlington Heights
I believe the subway will make the Columbia Pike corridor a sought after destination for entertainment, dining and shopping. I love the fact that it will be much more bike accessible than metro buses. The streetcars in Denver and New Orleans are very popular both with locals and tourists
Diane Duston Alcova Heights
I have lived in South Arlington near Columbia Pike for 27 years and have waited for a very long time for revitalization on the Pike to occur. It is finally under way, and I believe the streetcar is an essential part of its success. The streetcar will give South Arlington a transportation system comparable to the Metro which has worked wonders to revitalize the Rosslyn to Ballston corridor in North Arlington. Let's not let anything get in the way of upgrading the Pike!
Nathan Gould Claremont
Economic Development
Michael Kerley Arlington Forest
I wholeheartedly support the streetcar! The streetcar option is the minimum that should be invested on Columbia Pike. I wish political leaders should be more clear on what Arlington would be investing in - economic development. The possibility of keeping current residents, retaining affordable housing, and improving transportation, while all vitally important, would be byproducts of economic development.
James C. Webster United States
The Pike needs first class transport - not the proposal of the new "Arlingtonians for Second-Class Transport" or the Tea Party
Hurist Morgan Columbia Heights
I support the Streetcar option because it has the potential to change South Arlington in a way that benefits all of Arlington County.
Amy Smorodin Columbia Heights
Andres Lorenzo Garcia Columbia Forest
It may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird: it would be a jolly sight harder for it to learn to fly while remaining an egg. We are like eggs at present. And you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg. We must be hatched or go bad. - C. S. Lewis
Harry Rogers Arlington Village
Because it is the right thing to do.
Greg Greeley Douglas Park
I'm looking forward to having a streetcar on the Pike!
Juan Huaylla Penrose Square
I think it will help with ridership along Columbia Pike and it will help with economic development. Furthermore it will connect South Arlington to the metro stations and if extended it can help connect past baileys crossroads into seven corners. I lived in London and Paris and I have seen first hand what street cars or light rails can do. I think this will help Arlington tremendously.
Lisa Nisenson Lyon Park
Having been a citizen activist in the R-B corridor, my view is one of equitable access to great transit. While the Pike will not be the same regional transit technology as the subway, in the end subtracting cars, increasing livability and inducing quality are what we in the corridor got with lots of taxpayer and private investment. I am still learning about the options along Columbia Pike, but it seems like the higher you go in non-streetcar options, the sooner you seed the transition to a streetcar anyway.
Donovan Littler Penrose
Bus's routes are unpredictable unless you've rode it for years. A street car just going up and down Columbia Pike would make access for kids a lot easier.
Debbie Doyle Shirlington
Sherkhan A. Khan Arlington Heights
Ridership, Economic Development, Healthy Neighborhoods
Natalie Wowk Columbia Pike
I would love to see the Columbia Pike corridor more built up and more walkable-- and better public transit options will most definitely impact this.
Ernesto Rosell United States
I believe this project will spearhead a better and more balanced quality of life for all residents and commuters alike. Let's look at other cities (i.e., Portland, OR)where similar initiatives have taken place, and the overall positive results (good jobs, higher property values, sounder tax base,cleaner environment, urban renewal just to name a few)it has brought over time.
James Esterson Lyon Park
I would like to see increased mass transit options for Arlington.
Leonardo Sarli Barcroft
Street cars show real commitment to the future of a place by it's citizens. This commitment attracts outside investment & promotes smart growth. The street car is an essential piece to real place making and for the smart growth of Columbia Pike. I strongly support the street car.
Starr Lanman Penrose
Eric Lanman
Tom Greenfield Penrose
Streetcar is the quality transit service the Columbia Pike corridor deserves. Citizens should expect and demand nothing less. Bus options can not provide the comfort and convenience of a streetcar = guided transit with a steel wheel running on a smooth running surface i.e. a rail. The community has done its part. Through the Form Based Code and recent neighborhood plans, the Columbia Pike neighborhoods have agreed to significantly increased development and new population growth on par with Arlington metro stations. This vision was always built on the premise there would be a first class streetcar service to draw all these people out of their cars and create a more pedestrian friendly corridor. Again the community did its part. The County Board needs to follow through and provide the necessary streetcar service.
David DeCamp
Economic Development. The Streetcar + Good Planning = A lovable, lively Columbia Pike where people live, work & shop. (Pretty much the opposite of Rockville Pike and Leesburg Pike)
David Columbia Pike & South George Mason
I already ride the bus on Columbia Pike and would take more trips using the streetcar.
Kathryn Scruggs Dominion Hills
Bobby Columbia Pike & South Four Mile Run Drive
I am convinced that the streetcar is the best alternative for Columbia Pike after reading the arguments on both side.
Thad Parsons Alexandria, Va
I support the streetcar because it has the ability to permanently connect Arlington and Alexandria, making it easier to live in the larger area without a car.
Adam Franklin Douglas Park
Dharm Guruswamy Carlton Condominium
Building a streetcar along Columbia Pike is long studied idea whose time has come.
Ryan Arnold Bluemont
Trista Gormley Penrose
Shaun Brodie Crystal City
Short of VDOT letting the County redevelop Columbia Pike into the mixed modality urban road it should be, the streetcar appears to me to be the best option to both spur long-term development and move residents for work and play.
Michael Perkins Arlington-East Falls Church
John Burke Alcova Heights
I support the streetcar. I participated in the process. I think Columbia Pike should be transformed into a walkable urban boulevard. I believe that the streetcar is the most cost effective transportation infrastructure that will support that transformation. A new underground Metro line is too expensive. Any option at grade level that requires its own right of way would be too expensive. Enhanced bus service would not effectively support the transformation. What the BRT boosters are selling is not actually BRT, it is enhanced bus service. Enhanced bus service was delivered to the Pike in 2003 and encouraged approximately 0 development projects during a massive real estate boom. It wasn’t until the streetcar was selected as the locally preferred alternative in 2006 that developers started looking at the Pike. The costs are included in the 10 year CIP and we never breach our exceedingly conservative debt caps. We can’t afford not to build the streetcar. Without it, the corridor will continue to be traffic clogged and economically stagnant.
Eric Nastasi Rosslyn
Ridership, economic development, less car dependency, decreases traffic, better mass transit connectivity.
Chris Remuzzi Columbia Forest
The density is already here along the Columbia Pike Corridor. We need a high quality transit solution as soon as possible.
Sara Kays Maywood
convenience, economic development, Arlington always needs new ways of public transportation due to the drastically increasing population within the county over the past decade
Mark and Nancy Buchholz Arlington Ridge
Virginia, a strong property right state, gives localities very few means to control developers who want to redevelop land they own. This means Arlington needs to provide something, along the Pike that would increase a developers interest in negotiating with the County. The streetcar provides that. Metro provided that. Adding more buses does not, because it is more of the same thing we have now, strings of overcrowded buses focused largely on getting people to the pentagon. A streetcar provides an urban alternative that, with multi car multi entrance/exit is more attractive to intra-Pike transit than the current inter-county bus model. It is a must have that will make developers more interested in accommodating the County's interest in maintaining the affordable housing stock, than simply tearing it down to attract high priced buyers who just want to commute to DC or Tyson's. the streetcar maintains the Pike's focus on neighborhoods, whereas more buses, or bigger buses, enables the deterioration of our neighborhoods by catering to those who only want to sleep here, not live here.
Betsy Stark Maywood
I strongly support the Streetcars in Arlington to boost the economy, move people more efficiently and easily.
Rik Opstelten Pike and S. Courthouse
I believe the streetcar represents the kind of long-lasting, reliable investment that is needed to elevate the Pike to a neighborhood that is a desirable, walkable, and lively as any in Arlington. I look forward to the future of the neighborhood.
Dan Hauser Courthouse
The streetcar is an excellent investment in infrastructure and will bring new economic opportunities to Columbia Pike.
Henry Dunbar Douglas Park
Investment in mass transportation is critical for the county to remain a first class community. Columbia Pike in particular will always be viewed as a second-class destination until it has permanent mass transit options. Streetcars were vetted long ago as the most viable option, and it's time to end debate and move forward with making it happen.
Ed Fendley Bluemont
Who knew public transport could be so stylish? I've used streetcars in several cities, and have come to love them because they're efficient and fun. If we learn from what's been done in Portland and a number of European cities, streetcars will enliven the sidewalks and businesses of Columbia Pike and make it a vibrant and cool place. But how soon can we get them on Wilson Boulevard??
Kevin D. Kayes Maywood
A street car system on Columbia Pike would allow the south end of the County to share in the same type of economic development that is prevalent along the orange line through the heart of the county. It will mean more jobs and opportunities for everyone who lives in that part of Arlington. I lived a block off the western portion of Columbia Pike in 1978 when I first moved to Arlington and it has not changed much since then. Compare that to the development that has occurred in other parts of Arlington and its clear more needs to be done - other than add more buses on Columbia Pike. Streetcars are viewed as a significant upgrade to buses by users and a much nicer form of public transportation. In addition to attracting many, many more riders, a streetcar system will also spur economic development for that part of the County in a way that no dedicated bus system will ever do. Arlington County has developed a world class public transportation system and there is no reason we should not include the residents and neighborhoods of South Arlington and provide them with the same types of improvements that we take for granted in other parts of the County.
Paul & Sharon Timpane Douglas Park
We 100% support the streetcar initiative. This long overdue transportation infrastructure investment in Columbia Pike is a perfect fit. Expense is reasonable for a long neglected transportation corridor. We witheld our votes for the "local" politician who is once again opposing Columbia Pike neighborhoods/school investments and will continue to do so.
Tiera Bonnefond Alcova Heights
I am one of those people who will never take a bus to a destination along Columbia Pike or to Pentagon City. I would, however,take a streetcar. I grew up in Perth, Australia, where I rode the trolley bus system on a regular basis. It was quiet and a very fuel efficient way to get around. I see the proposed streetcar as a very similar mode of transportation.
Kathleen Daugherty Alcova Heights
This is an investment for the future. It's important that we do this.
Christopher Forinash Lee Heights
Great streets and streetcars form the backbone of great places.
Penny Everline Lyon Park
We need a sustainable solution to meet the growing transportation demand along Columbia Pike. I live in a great walkable, transit-oriented community in North Arlington. It took a lot of thoughtful planning and investment in transit and other transportation infrastructure for us to get where we are today. I want my friends and colleagues who live along the Pike to have the same great access I enjoy. It is time to make this investment in Columbia Pike's, our County's, and our region's future!
Jeffrey Coupe Douglas Park
Expanded network of transportation in the Columbia Pike corridor that links to main Metro lines; knowledge of light rail and street car networks in other cities and countries that offer excellent service.
Rick Holt Arlington Forest
Developing a walk able city - more public transport - fewer cars. Develop the Colombia Pike Corridor
Karen Serfis Ashton Heights
I have seen how well streetcars work in Europe and I think it will really improve transportation in Arlington.
Jessica King Penrose
Gretchen Carter Alcova Heights
Lander Allin Alcova Heights
We need a transportation system to meet the long-term needs of the Columbia Pike community. The Streetcar is the best option for meeting those needs and ensuring that the Pike has a vibrant and prosperous future.
Takis Karantonis Columbia Heights
In the 60s and 70s more than 2000 residential units were built in the eastern half of my neighborhood under blatant disregard of all sound planning standards. This is roughly 9x the average population density of Arlington. A mediocre at best bus service was all the transit that was afforded to thousands of my neighbors. These urban atrocities are still there, towering 12 stories high in the middle of a paved parking lot wasteland that empties daily into the Pike. Repairing this will require decades of community efforts, significant incentives for redevelopment and improvement but first and foremost modern, efficient, comfortable, high capacity and high ridership transportation. I support modern streetcars in Arlington because they have a proven track record to be urban game changers. The sense of permanency inherent to streetcars supports the local economy, creates jobs and local wealth and is the foundation for a livable, diverse, desirable community. The community I want my neighborhood to be.
Jason Rylander Waycroft-Woodlawn
I strongly support the streetcar project as an essential part of a broader community vision for Columbia Pike, Crystal City and all of Arlington. Just as the Orange Line has done, the streetcar will spur economic development while helping to meet the transportation needs of current and future residents. This project is the product of thousands of hours of community dialogue and is the best choice for a growing Arlington. It is time to move forward!
Randy Swart Barcroft
The streetcar is part of the vision for rebuilding Columbia Pike. We who live along the Pike have spent a decade working on that vision in countless meetings, committees, emails, phone calls at every step of the Arlington Way. It is required to meet affordable housing needs through bonus density. Streetcar now!
Edward Khoury Arlington
I completely agree with the analysis on this topic on the website. Streetcars will increase ridership immensely and turn what is now fast becoming a slum into a once again thriving community. Any bus system would fail to do this. Furthermore, the addition of a streetcars is consistent with the concept of Town Centers and walkable communities planned by the COLUMBIA PIKE REVITALIZATION ORGANIZATION (CPRO) in its’ efforts to revitalize Columbia Pike and its adjacent neighborhoods.
Brian Edward Wilhour Douglas Park
Please INVEST in our community. The streetcar is an excellent INVESTMENT - the prospect of which has already prompted economic and business development in the Columbia Pike Corridor.
Sarah Chatterson Absetz Columbia Heights
Arlington needs to invest in its future in order for it to grow and prosper. Forty years ago DC took a chance and invested in Metro- now it is one of the best transportation networks in the country. It is now time for Arlington to invest. BRT and buses are not stable enough to encourage businesses to locate along their lines. Had North Arlington had a BRT instead of metro it would not be the vibrant area it is today. I am looking to buy a house along Columbia Pike, mainly because of the streetcar.
Jeff Courthouse
I have a condo along the pike and I know neither I nor any one I know will ride a bus. A streetcar is a much more attractive option to ride and I could see it dramatically increasing the amount of people who take public transportation up and down the pike to go to restaurants, bars, etc. Adding more buses is a cop out that will just add more congestion, what if they had just added bus lines to clarendon instead of a metro line?
Jason Stanford Fillmore
I find the current bus system and schedule extremely confusing. A street car would guarantee the route rather than hoping that buses 16A-M will take me where I want to go.
Ken Cox Shirlington
want to see it completed.
Barbara P Burch United States
Columbia Pike and the residents of/visitors to South Arlington deserve a true rapid transit method of transport.
John Snyder Douglas Park
Increased ridership to reduce traffic in my neighborhood; better intra-Pike transit for me and my family; support our local businesses; and help us preserve affordable housing through the Pike Neighborhoods Plan.
Juliet Hiznay Arlington Heights
Columbia Pike Streetcar? The sooner the better!
Stephen Finafrock Park Glen/Columbia Heights West
Ridership, reliability, increased desirability of Columbia Pike as a business/residential/social destination, increased capacity on the Pike by removing SOV's and placing them in transit.
Chris Slatt Penrose
Ridership, Ridership, Ridership!